Forging is a mechanized process that involves the shaping of metal but the use of localized compressive forces and using some tools and equipments. At APS component, the experienced are having the ability to develop and form highly special parts including Screws, Bolts, studs and many more.

There are of two types forgings:-

Hot forging:-Hot forging is general for harder metals e.g. steel that would be complex to shape when cold. The method begins with a cast ingot. During this process, temperature reaches over the recrystallization point of the metal. To avoid the oxidation of some metals like super alloys isothermal forging is preferred, because in this, metal deformation occurs within extremely controlled environment.

Cold forging:-Cold forging deforms the metal while it is under its recrystallization point. When the metal is already a soft metal, e.g. aluminum, cold forging is preferred. This method is normally not much expensive as compared to hot forging.

expensive as compared to hot forging.
From many years, APS components have been a provider of forging services. We are from the best forgers who are dedicated to process your material to your precise requirements in an excellent way.
In addition to making sure about quality forging services, we also offer heat treatment, product finishing services and much more to our prestigious clients!!

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